How Carrier Helps You Stay Prepared in the Event of an Emergency

11/30/2016 13:28:42

If there was a critical weather occurrence, would your business have the plans in place to ensure that the facility is protected? Would it be able to maintain operations or recover from a shutdown as quickly as possible? A Staples workplace survey conducted last year showed that two-thirds of workers surveyed said that recent natural disasters did not cause company leadership to take a second look at their disaster recovery planning or business contingency strategies. According to the survey, severe weather occurrences caused nearly half of all businesses to close at some point in a six month period, which cost the economy almost $50 billion in lost productivity.

As we enter the winter months, it is important for businesses of all sizes to review their HVAC and power generation systems to determine if any upgrades or repairs are necessary. In the event of a system failure, it could lead to a shutdown of all operations. Obviously, if this takes place during a major storm or peak part of the season, it could take longer for the problem to be rectified. Preventative maintenance can potentially help offset problems or identify issues before they worsen.

A major part of any solid disaster recovery or business contingency plan is to have a backup system in place. Carrier Rental Systems has worked with countless businesses and organizations to develop safeguards against any potential threats. Our team will assess your facility and evaluate any potential risks that could affect operations or system function. If a problem does occur, much of the pre-setup is already established, providing quicker response time to an outage or natural disaster.

Rental Equipment for Businesses of all Sizes and Various Applications

No matter the size of your business or organization, having a plan in place is crucial in the event of severe weather or power outage. One of the more interesting parts of the survey showed that smaller businesses are more likely to be affected by severe weather and other adverse events. Workers at small businesses are less likely to know who to turn to for emergency planning. In addition to that, small businesses are less likely to have emergency equipment available and are much less prepared in general. However, businesses of all sizes may find that they’re in need of HVAC rental equipment for one reason or another.

Carrier commercial HVAC equipment is used for a wide variety of scenarios. Our fleet of HVAC equipment includes temporary boilers, furnaces, electric heater rentals, generators, heat exchangers, and more. Our team can assess your current needs and determine what HVAC equipment you’ll need to maintain operations. We take pride in delivering the best customer service available, and we provide a quick turnaround on all projects. We serve a number of different industries, including those in manufacturing, education, and more.

If you’re looking to improve your emergency planning or find that you have an issue with your HVC system and need a quick temporary solution, Carrier can help. Contact us today to request a quote.