Do You Have an Air Conditioning Contingency Plan?

05/06/2016 08:00:00


The summer is quickly approaching and we all know what that means: temperatures are going to soar and air conditioning systems will be put to the test. With that in mind, many businesses and facilities will be trying to keep their buildings cool as exterior conditions get hot; however, startup failures, planned shutdowns and unexpected maintenance can put your operations in a rut. Instead of scrambling for a solution when the event happens, you should create an air conditioning contingency plan to deter any kind of emergency situation that could occur this summer! Let’s review some of the benefits of creating a plan now.

Peace Of Mind

When you plan for a portable air conditioner rental now, you can get some peace of mind that your business can continue to operate normally. For instance, if you have a warehouse that contains temperature-dependent product, you can rest assure that your products will remain in normal storage conditions. Additionally, you will keep your employees in a safe working environment that will not lead to heat exhaustion because the building will remain cool and comfortable.

Customers Depend On it

If your air conditioner fails during the summer, your business’ clientele will also face repercussions. Whether they are stopping in to shop or they are patients in your healthcare facility, the summer heat will make thing difficult. However, if you have an AC contingency plan in place, you can ensure that your facility will be up and running with air conditioning for normal operation since the portable air conditioner unit will feed cooled air into the building.

Saves Money

In the event your air conditioning system breaks down, you may have to shut down operations for a period of time to fix the problem, which can result in lost profits. However, if you plan ahead, you can save money because you will not have to close your doors for business since the air conditioner rental will be ready to go.

Helps In Decision Making

As odd as it sounds, a portable air conditioning rental will actually help you make a better decision when it comes to upgrading your air conditioning system. For example, if you know that your air conditioning system needs to be replaced this summer, you need to research air conditioning manufacturers to choose the right system for your facility. However, if you do not have ample time to go over all your options, you could end up making a hasty decision that will cost you a fortune. With that in mind, using a portable air conditioning rental to cool your building in the interim, you will have more time to research your options to make an educated decision that is both economical and efficient.

Improves Employee Productivity & Attendance

Imagine that your air conditioning system fails in your office this summer and it will take weeks or even months to resolve the problem. If you subject your employees to hot office conditions, they are more likely to use their time off just to beat the heat and it will diminish their concentration levels while they are in the office. Instead, you can continue to provide them with a comfortable working environment by using a portable AC system.

Customized Solution

Every business, organization and facility can vastly differ in size, which means every portable air conditioning solution needs to be customized to appropriately cool the entire building. With that in mind, you’ll get a personalized plan that will handle the cooling needs of your building. Whether it is an 80 ton industrial cooler or a 12,000 BTU spot cooler, the plan will outline the right equipment you will need to keep your building cool during the summer!

Reduces Total System Demand

Sometimes an air conditioning system will only partially fail, which means half of the system is trying to cool the entire building but it is not sufficient enough to maintain a cool and comfortable environment. In the event that happens, the portable air conditioning rental can be put to work to offset the demand for a cooler environment while the existing system is repaired.

Are you ready to create an air conditioning contingency plan for your business with Carrier Rentals?

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