Comfort Heating for Your Next Wintertime Event

11/30/2016 13:18:52

‘Tis the season for holiday parties and other special events. If you are organizing a corporate event for the holidays as a way to give back to employees and clients, you’ll want to make sure they’re kept comfortable. The same holds true for a wedding planner who is trying to create the perfect plan for a couple’s winter wedding. Whatever event you plan on organizing over the upcoming months, you’ll want to have a comfort heating plan in place that will ensure the comfort of your guests without incurring any adverse effects.

How Carrier Heaters Can Keep the Temperatures Warm Indoors

Whatever the temperature is outside, heater rentals are a viable way to keep the indoor temperature at a comfortable level for everyone at the party, corporate event, or wedding. The type of heater will depend on the size of the venue and the application.

For example, a direct-fired heater would not be a good idea for an entertainment venue that is indoors because there is an open flame and, consequently, toxic emissions. Direct-fired heaters are instead good for open areas with lots of ventilation.

Indirect-fired heaters, on the other hand, could be a viable solution for many different types of entertainment events where there is a party tent or other party area that is on the larger side. As indirect-fired heaters use heat exchangers to bring heated air into an area, there are no emissions, making it a much safer alternative than direct-fired heaters. Both direct-fired and indirect-fired heaters use natural gas or a propane heating source.

Finally, you might want to consider using an electric heater rental, which also provides dry heated air without any emissions. Electric heater rentals can be used for a wide variety of areas, so they may be a good option if you’re looking for a more versatile option or have a larger generator to power one.

If you are unsure of which type of heater rental would make the most sense for your event, our team can help. We understand that every scenario is different and requires a customized heating solution that will take into account the size of your event, the number of people invited, the event’s layout, and any other factor that will affect the decision.

Our supply of Carrier heating rentals includes direct-fired, indirect-fired, and electric heating rentals of many different sizes and design configurations. One thing that they all have in common is the Carrier name, and you can rest assured that it was built with the highest level of design and manufacturing expertise.

Our team can assess your event and the site to determine a solution that makes the most sense and will keep your guests warm and make the event a success. We specialize in customized projects and always aim to be on-time and on-budget. We will ensure that setup and takedown are done in as quick a manner as possible, so you can concentrate on other pertinent parts of the event. If you are looking for well-thoughtout and practical heating solution, contact our team today!