Are You in Need of Dehumidification?

01/21/2014 08:00:00

Is your office, garage, or other business building in severe need of dehumidification? Some structures come complete with a dehumidifier built into their ventilation system, but this is not always the case. Several times, especially in older buildings, humidity in the air will collect and cause damage to walls, floors, and moisture sensitive material located within. The rate at which the moisture collects is relatively slow and difficult to notice, so how can you know if you need help? Keep an eye out for these telltale signs that the humidity in your building is dangerously high.

A Heavy, Musty Stench
The presence of a musty odor is a clear marker that mold and mildew are collecting somewhere in the vicinity. Typically, the prevailing cause of this unwanted presence is an overabundance of moisture within the surrounding air. Generally this is due to poorly sealed windows or doors, and might require complete reconstruction of the improperly fitted areas to correct. Another option, however, is to allow a dehumidifier to do the work.

Sagging, Darkening, or Moldy Corners
Due to the fact that steam rises, many of the problems regarding humidity will be found on the ceiling of your building. If your business involves large amounts of steam being released, there is a strong possibility that leaving it unchecked could cause serious damage. Observe the point at which the walls meet the roof, especially at the tapered corners. These areas will become darker and begin to sag ever so slightly – both signs of mold and moisture damage. Increased ventilation may help, but dehumidification is a great way to prevent this trouble from persisting. These issues can arise in buildings that don’t regularly deal with steam, but it may take longer.

Heavy Condensation on Windows and Doors
Condensation during seasonal changes in weather is perfectly normal, but noticing the collection of moisture on your windows or doors when it should not be there is a clear sign of abundant moisture. The buildup of water around these structures can create serious damage, especially if the panes are constructed from wood. A build-up of moisture on a window sill can eventually rot wooden casings and that wetness will allow mold to grow. A dehumidifier is guaranteed to remove the moisture from the building and restore proper indoor levels, preventing future repair bills.

If you’re still uncertain as to whether or not a dehumidifier is right for your building, your local professional will be able to answer any questions you may have. If there is any sign of excess moisture, the most prudent thing to do may be to better protect your investments before they are damaged or destroyed.

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