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Temperature control of an industrial or manufacturing process is critical for quality and plant efficiency. Chillers, cooling towers, heat exchangers, and pumps are critical to any process where process cooling is a prime objective.

When planning an outage or if in need of supplemental services, consider the needs of your application by renting process cooling equipment from Carrier Rental Systems.

Equipment downtime results in lost profits and poor product quality. Carrier Rental Systems' manufacturing application expertise comes from understanding the needs of plant operators. Our industrial manufacturing customers include various industries which incorporate batch or continuous manufacturing into their processes. Many of Carrier Rental Systems’ manufacturing customers develop and maintain a continuous working relationship while incorporating our personnel into their project scheduling meetings.

Manufacturing Applications

  • Batch or continuous process design & support
  • Refinery and chemical production facilities
  • Scheduled outage and turn-around projects
  • Low process cooling temperature requirements
  • Supplemental cooling

Our fleet of new equipment rentals has been extensively modified for portability and precisely designed to our rigorous expectations. Each piece is built and designed to meet the demands of the manufacturing environment. All equipment is fully tested before it arrives at your facility. Carrier Rental Systems supports its customers and fleet of equipment with a core group of highly skilled employees located at each of our facilities.

When it comes to planned projects or emergency response, Carrier Rental Systems is the company to call. We have numerous locations throughout the United States that can bring the equipment you need directly to you. To learn more about Carrier Rental Systems call 1-800-586-8336 or contact us for more information.