Rental Equipment


Reliable rental HVAC equipment is crucial to the needs of our customers who may need a HVAC solution for supplemental temperature control, power generation, emergency scenarios, etc. With that in mind, we purchase new HVAC equipment and modify it for portability for the harsh rental environment.


Our inventory of Carrier chillers ranges in size from 10 to 1000 tons. Our water-cooled Carrier chillers are containerized for protection and can be stacked to provide maximum tonnage in a minimal amount of space.

All air-cooled chillers are mounted in a steel superstructure and are epoxy painted, with the condenser coils protected by a diamond mesh screen.

Multiple containerized chillers are used for large projects – 1000+ tons are constructed using a combination of chillers built up with custom manifolds, providing redundancy and a high level of reliability. Additional equipment can be added and maintenance can be performed with minimal or no downtime.

All cooling tower rentals are mounted on skids or affixed to trailers and range in size from 100 to 1000 tons. Many meet class 1, div. 2, and Group C & D ratings.

Air Conditioning and Dehumidification

Uncontrolled temperature and moisture levels can often have a devastating effect on equipment life and air quality. Our Carrier temporary air conditioners are available from 5 to 120 tons and room spot coolers from 1 to 10 tons. Our 40 and 80 ton units meet class 1, div. 2, and group C & D explosion proof rating. Every air conditioner is a unique unit design specifically by Carrier Rental Systems.

Our desiccant industrial dehumidifier rentals produce up to 9000 cfm. To deliver total comfort during the dehumidification process, we also provide fridge-drying packages up to 100,000 cfm.


We use electric heaters range in size from 15kW to 360 kW, and are capable of 300° Fahrenheit of fume free heat. We also inventory hot water and steam boilers ranging up to 600hp to meet your heating needs.


To augment our heating, cooling and dehumidification solutions, we offer multi-voltage generators up to 1750 KW. Our generators are silenced to minimize noise. Fuel tanks and fuel management are also part of our generator offerings. Additionally, we provide transformers and distribution panels when needed.


Delivering a turnkey solution means that all of our equipment arrives with the appropriate accessories including water hoses, pumps, valves and fittings, flex duct, and power cable.


Carrier Rental Systems typically uses third party trucking companies to transport equipment. When available, Carrier Rental Systems utilizes custom designed roll back trucks that allow deliveries up to 40,000 lbs. without the need for a crane or riggers.

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