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Your Connectivity Hub

By capturing real time operating data from a Carrier SMART Service enabled chiller you can remotely monitor your chiller's performance and receive alerts when issues arise. Through the Carrier SMART Service Community combined with the Equipment Dashboard, you are provided with the ultimate in asset management capability.

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Customer Community

The Carrier SMART Service Community is a home page that helps you manage your HVAC system assets, such as initiating a service or maintenance request, monitoring work progress, planning for upcoming tasks or reviewing prior work orders. Combined with the information provided by the equipment dashboard, the Community ensures every Carrier Service agreement customer has the ultimate in asset management capability.

Equipment Dashboard

The Equipment Dashboard offers a deep dive into major components, giving a clear picture of the health of the equipment. It places vital information such as operating efficiency, runtime, statuses and key electrical data right at your fingertips. As an added benefit, all Carrier service agreement customers have access to the SMART Service Community.


Stay Connected with Your Equipment

Carrier SMART Service provides many benefits that are unavailable to traditional HVAC service agreements. Through remote monitoring of chiller operating data you can improve maintenance budgeting and scheduling. As a result your chiller's life will be extended - saving you money and giving you peace of mind.

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Will My Data Be Secure & Reliable?

Carrier has partnered with AT&T to provide a reliable and persistent service to give you peace of mind knowing that your equipment is running at optimal levels.

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Through our on-board wireless technology, Carrier continuously 'reads' real time operating data directly from the chiller's SMART controller or Product Integrated Controls (PIC) where it is sent to the cloud. Carrier then "grabs" that data from the cloud and does all the web-hosting, critiquing and analysis. Data is compared to design specifications and certain calculated parameters are also matched against defined ranges. Analytics and data validation is performed where operating data is compared to established values. Results are reviewed and analyzed by Carrier to identify operating trends and the overall health of the chiller(s).

Depending on the results, recommendations for service, repairs, modifications or other Carrier solutions will be provided. If problems are encountered, alerts and alarms notify proper personnel for immediate action and problem resolution. The result is that the customer is more informed with how the chiller is operating and also more confident that Carrier can address operating issues immediately, rather than let them fester into a potential catastrophic failure.



The ultimate control in HVAC management.


With SMART Technician, proactively tackle potential issues.


SMART Service in Action

Learn how SMART Service is making a difference for customers.