Controls Expert Program

The Controls Expert Training Program

The purpose of the Carrier Controls Expert Training program is to:

  • Establish the highest level of qualified contractors and technicians in our industry
  • Promote a better owner’s experience by providing for better qualifying of contractors for installation, service, and maintenance
  • Provide Owners the most “Open” controls system with fully documented BACnet®1 communicating controllers and a choice of certified contractors
  • Develop contractors to meet today’s building needs (i.e. Enhanced Comfort, “Green” Spaces, LEED®2 Accreditation, Facility Analytics, Remote Access, Mobile Compatibility, etc…)

Three tiers of certification have been identified based on a contractor’s technicians’ product and systems skills. The three tiers are identified as follows:

Controls Expert CS 328x328

Controls Expert CS

Packaged air solutions - Constant and variable volume, single and multi-zone packaged products and applications certification.

Controls Expert IS 328x328

Controls Expert IS

Complete HVAC solutions - i-Vu® web-based user interface and total HVAC solutions including exhaust fans, unit heaters, small air handlers, etc.

Controls Expert ES 328x328

Controls Expert ES

Custom HVAC solutions — all products and applications certified. Integration of third party BACnet, Modbus or LON controllers; custom programming, reports and analytics; custom graphics solutions.

Each tier has rules, prerequisites and expectations associated with them that a contractor must meet to be recognized for their achievement. To find a contractor, use the Office Locator.

For greater detail of the requirements & system capabilities required of a contractor to be recognized in each tier, please see the matrix below.

Controls Expert Requirement & Capabilities Matrix

(Comfort Systems)
(i-Vu® Systems)
(Encompass Systems)
Minimum Technicians on Staff 1 1 1
Product Experience (Years) 0 0 2
Open VVT Systems      
Open VAV Systems      
i-Vu® Web-Based Systems      
Open Field Applied Systems      
3rd Party Integration      
Snap Custom Programming      
CCN Light Commercial      
CCN Applied Systems      
Minimum Annual Training (hours) 2 4 6
i-Vu® Touch      
i-Vu® Standard      
i-Vu® Plus      
i-Vu® Pro      
i-Vu® Routers      
i-Vu® Links (CIV-L & CIV-OL)      
VVT® Zone      
VVT® Bypass      
VAV Single Duct      

1 BACnet® is a registered trademark of ASHRAE
2 LEED® is a registered trademark of U.S. Green Building Council