i-Vu® MPC Open XP IO

General Purpose Controller

Multipurpose Programmable Controller for Monitoring and Control of HVAC System Applications. Adds Additional I/O Point Capacity to the OPN-MPCXP Controller. 8 Inputs/4 Outputs.

The MPC Open XP IO expanders add additional I/O point capacity to the MPC Open XP controller. Flexible and versatile, the MPC Open XP controller supports multiple I/O configurations for accomplishing both common and custom HVAC control strategies. The MPC Open XP controller connects to up to 20 field points directly (8 outputs and 12 inputs), while also supporting up to 3 MPCXP IO expanders. Each MPC XP IO48 expander adds support for up to 12 additional field points (4 outputs, 8 inputs), while each MPC XP IO816 expander adds support for up to 24 additional field points (8 outputs, 16 inputs). When combined, the MPC Open XP controller and it’s associated MPC XP IO expanders can support up to 92 total points.

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