Carrier® ChillerVu™ Chilled Water System Optimizer

The Carrier® ChillerVu™ chilled water system optimizer is a sophisticated, scalable, native BACnet plant optimization solution for chiller plants. The chilled water system optimizer minimizes the energy use of the entire chilled water system, up to and including air handling units. The factory-engineered control program is designed to provide a supervisory level of control over the chilled water production of the chiller plant, managing the plant chilled water supply temperature and the condenser water supply temperature to provide optimal energy usage while maintaining occupant comfort in the building.

The Carrier chilled water system optimizer seamlessly interfaces with Carrier’s ChillerVu plant system manager, further improving efficiency for plants consisting of Carrier 19, 23, or 30 series chillers (air or water-cooled) and non- Carrier chillers. Setpoint, plant status, machine energy consumption and other system data are easily exchanged between ChillerVu and the chilled water system optimizer.

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