Carrier Controls Experts Program

i-Vu® Security Commitment

Carrier is committed to the security of our building automation and controls. We investigate all reports of security vulnerabilities affecting our products. If you believe you have found a security vulnerability in one of our products, please send an e-mail to product security.

NOTE: When reporting a vulnerability, please do not transmit sensitive information to the e-mail address provided above. You should receive a confirmation of our receipt of your e-mail or similar response within 48 hours. Our response will include additional information to enable secure communication. Please follow up with us if you have not received a response within this time frame.

Please use our general inquiries form for correspondence unrelated to software security vulnerabilities in the above listed products.

Security Best Practices Checklists for Building Automation Systems (BAS)

Customers – please download Security Best Practices Checklists for Building Automation Systems (BAS) (for i-Vu Pro) or Security Best Practices Checklists for Building Automation Systems (BAS) (for i-Vu Standard/Plus) to ensure that you are following our best practices installation guidelines for protecting your building automation system.

It is extremely important that your i-Vu BAS is updated with the latest security update. The table below lists current i-Vu models and versions and their current update:

i-Vu Model Version 6.0 Update Version 6.5 Update
i-Vu Standard, Plus, Pro September 01, 2017 - cumulative patch January 1, 2018 - cumulative patch

To check your current version of i-Vu select 'about i-Vu' from the dropdown menu:

In the resulting pop-up window, search for cumulative updates by hitting Ctrl-F and typing 'cumulative' in the search box:

If you don’t have the update listed in the table above, contact your local Carrier representative to obtain it.