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Connected services

Carrier connected services allow you to track and monitor HVAC equipment system performance remotely. Using data analytics, we can take preventive and corrective actions to ensure your peace of mind.
Connected Services graph, from data analysis to remote action on your chiller
Connected Services : a new digital way to smart up your chiller
  • Chiller performance monitored 24/7/365
  • Historical analysis to improve diagnosis and maintenance needs
  • Digitally connected Carrier technicians for quick on-site intervention
  • Artificial Intelligence assisting Carrier Expert to make optimized data-driven recommendations
  • Connect up to 5 chillers per system

Using smart data to ensure your peace of mind

24/7 remote monitoring
  • Continuous remote analysis to ensure full system reliability and peace of mind.
Easy and secured access
  • User-friendly mobile app (Android™ and iOS)
  • No-hassle commissioning process
  • Single point of connection for an easy access to data
  • Secured encrypted data exchange
Precision monitoring
  • Lenghthen in-service time
  • Know best time to replace assets
  • Data-driven investment decision
  • Optimized capital expenditures (CAPEX) budgeting
Demonstrated maintenance
  • Charts and diagrams visualization to substantiate the maintenance necessity and impact
  • Decision rationalized and optimized for investment
Proactivity to anticipate breakdowns
  • Less downtime
  • Less uncertainty
  • Smooth repair planning
  • Data-driven repair propositions
  • Optimized operational expenditures (OPEX)
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Email alert for all events on equipment
Retrieve machine data in real-time from the website
  • Synopsis
  • Controller dashboard
  • Event and temperature curve
  • Alert and fault memory
  • Parameters log
Monthly or annual reports

Expert analysis to optimize operation

  • Trends
  • Operating times
  • Number of starts
  • Event reports
  • Preventive maintenance
Controls & analysis

Other control and analysis systems

PlantCTRL™ system
For HVAC plants
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