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CIAT Introduces CLIMACIATPower Air Handling Unit Range with High-Efficiency Heat Recovery Option


CIAT has extended its range of air handling units (AHUs) with the addition of higher capacity units with the option of high-efficiency heat recovery. The new CLIMACIATPower units are designed to allow for applications on larger projects and buildings. CIAT is part of Carrier Global Corporation (NYSE: CARR), the leading global provider of healthy, safe and sustainable building and cold chain solutions.

The Eurovent-certified units, available in capacities up to 41 cubic metres per second, have industry leading ratings for casing strength (D1) and leakage rates (L1) with the option of integrated onboard controls, enabling quick and easy installation onsite.

All CLIMACIATPower units can be specified with high-performance heat recovery, improving energy efficiency by capturing energy from the exhaust airstream that would otherwise be lost, and returning it to the building through a high-efficiency plate heat exchanger with optional supplementary heating or cooling medium.

The unit’s casings are made of stainless steel panels and aluminum profiles treated with interior and exterior lacquer, and insulated with thermo-acoustic mineral wool with weights up to 40 kilograms per cubic metre. Unit construction is P 160/50 PS TB.

The new large-capacity units are available in five configurable presets and are suitable for a multitude of project sizes and applications. The optional integrated control system enables local, remote control and monitoring via an intuitive and customisable interface.

“Projects today require a high degree of flexibility to meet space constraints, performance variables and overall air movement capacity,” said Paul Smith, TCUK Sales Director for Applied Products. “CIAT’s expanded range delivers on adaptability and enables us to cater for significantly larger projects. With L1 leakage class and Eurovent certification throughout, the range expansion completes CIAT’s portfolio of AHUs with a high-quality, cost-effective solution.”

For more details on CIAT’s range of air handling units, visit the CIAT website:

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