As a building owner or facility manager, you need to consider the cost of unexpected downtime and the impact older, inefficient systems have on the bottom line. Running your existing equipment to failure will entail ever-increasing service costs, as well as the anxiety of unexpected system disruptions. But with planned capital replacement, you can put the focus on energy efficiency and cost savings opportunities, and gain peace of mind in the process.

With sharply escalating utility costs and supply uncertainties, your decisions are more critical than ever. By upgrading to today’s significantly more efficient equipment, you will improve operations while cutting expenses – savings that are immediately realized.

Your Carrier representative will help you to thoroughly evaluate your current HVAC system, from equipment life to performance and energy usage to maintenance costs. Careful assessment will show you not only what needs replacement, but also the energy efficiency you will gain by installing new, technologically advanced equipment.

How can Carrier’s Equipment Replacement Solutions provide value to you?

It provides:

  • Expert assessment and analysis of your building's aging HVAC equipment
  • Comprehensive design of optimal system integration and control
  • Immediate energy savings with the most advanced energy-efficient equipment available in the marketplace
  • Complete solutions from a single source supplier
  • Start-up and commissioning of your equipment by the world's leading HVAC manufacturer

Carrier’s Equipment Replacement Solutions applies to:

  • Air and water-cooled chillers
  • Cooling towers, pumps, heat-exchangers
  • Packaged rooftop units
  • Complete HVAC system & control system replacements