Carrier Installs 400th CO2OLtec® Refrigeration System with Carrefour

July 25, 2012

LYON, France

Carrier has reached a significant milestone with the 400th installation of its CO2OLtec® refrigeration system in a new Carrefour Confluence hypermarket in Lyon, France. The environmentally sustainable CO2OLtec concept uses a natural refrigerant and reduces CO2 emissions. To date, Carrier´s 400 CO2OLtec installations have reduced CO2 equivalent emissions by 102,000 tons - the equivalent of removing 29,900 cars off the road.

Carrier´s innovative CO2OLtec refrigeration system was chosen by Carrefour as part of its initiative to limit CO2 emissions and reduce the store’s environmental impact.

“The CO2OLtec project is consistent with Carrefour objectives to validate new technologies enabling significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. This innovative refrigeration system is a key contributor to the very low global warming impact of the shopping center in which the Carrefour Hypermarket is located,” says Mr. Fleury, Carrefour Group asset director, strategic projects. CO2OLtec provides refrigeration solutions, combining the advantages of a natural refrigerant with 10 percent higher energy efficiency compared to conventional refrigeration systems on average in mild to cold climate conditions. To further increase the energy savings, Carrefour also selected a heat recovery unit that allows the store to capture the waste heat and reuse it for sanitary water and space heating.

To meet the requirements of the French legislation as well as its objectives to reduce the store’s energy consumption by 20 percent, Carrefour also chose Carrier´s energy-efficient e*cube range of display cabinets equipped with double-glazed glass doors, sliding lids and LED lighting.

“We are proud to enable our customers to reduce their carbon footprint,” said Matti Kuivalainen, president, Carrier Commercial Refrigeration, Europe.

Carrier has the right refrigerant solution for every application, but every application will not have the same refrigerant solution. For more information about CO2OLtec, a video is available on Carrier Commercial Refrigeration’s corporate website at

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