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SSN 003 at-a-glance

This class is for contractors, consulting engineers and other HVAC professionals performing load calculations using Carrier's Block Load Program.

  • Select design weather data, construction materials and HVAC system parameters.
  • Calculate heating and cooling loads for commercial buildings.
  • Use calculation results to properly size HVAC systems.

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1/2 day $150 classroom Visit the Software Training page for dates/times.


Class Overview

Hands-on session covering the basic operation of the Block Load Program. Each student will learn how to use the program by completing several simple project exercises, including definition and input of design weather data, construction materials and HVAC system parameters, interpretation of load calculation reports, and how to determine HVAC equipment size.

Who should attend this training

This course is for HVAC designers who use load calculation software to calculate heating and cooling loads in commercial buildings. A working knowledge of building design and computer skills is required.

HVAC Training Objectives

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this course each student should be able to:

  • Successfully define and input Design Weather Data for load estimating
  • Define and enter construction materials and attributes
  • Successfully define and enter internal load components
  • Define and enter all space related information
  • Accurately describe HVAC System parameters
  • Generate and properly interpret air system cooling and heating load sizing reports
  • Properly determine HVAC system component sizing

Learning Methods Used

TThis course uses a combination of classroom lecture, videos, and demonstrations and workshops to present the material. Student’s achievement of the learning objectives is determined by successful completion of the workshops, and final written exam. Workshops are instructor guided exercises using the procedures taught in the lectures.

Class Details

Topics Covered

All times are approximate and shown as (classroom minutes/workshop minutes).

  • Data Management (10/0)
  • ASHRAE Methodology (10/0)
  • Discussion of Workshops (10/0)
  • Project Details (10/0)
  • Define Weather Data (10/0)
  • Build Project Libraries (10/0)
  • Discuss Zone input (10/0)
  • Discuss Air System inputs (10/0)
  • Define Loads (10/0)
  • Selecting Equipment (10/0)
  • Workshop #1 (10/15) Whole Building Design
  • Workshop #2 (10/15) 2 Zone Building Design
  • Workshop #3 (10/15) VAV Building Design
  • Workshop #4 (10/15) Terminal Building Design
  • Exam (0/15)

Class Requirements

Completion requirements

To receive a certificate for this course student must be present for the entire course, complete all workshops and receive a grade of 70% on graded final.

Prerequisite requirements


Suggested background

For HVAC designers with a working knowledge of commercial air conditioning and heating systems, including lab time with service test equipment and tools. Use of load estimating software is also desirable.

Materials to bring

A computer with the latest version of the load calculation software.

What you will receive

Students in this course receive a course workbook.

Appropriate dress for this class

This class is held in a class and business casual dress is appropriate.

Class hours

Class starts at 1:00pm and runs until 5:00pm.Travel arrangements should be made accordingly.

Location & Lodging

Most of these classes are held in the local area, see the event flyer or Carrier host for more information.