Carrier Statement Regarding Indianapolis Operations – Jan. 10, 2018


This week, approximately 215 employees will leave Carrier, completing the final phase of the previously announced plan to relocate fan coil manufacturing production lines. Following the transition, Carrier’s Indianapolis operations will employ approximately 1,100 people.

Since the initial announcement, approximately 60 impacted employees have chosen to take advantage of the company’s Employee Scholar Program and pursue degree programs. In addition to reimbursing four-year education costs, Carrier has also reimbursed, and will continue to reimburse, technical training costs for those who prefer to pursue a vocational technical certification program. All impacted employees will also receive a one-time payment, severance pay and six months of medical insurance continuation beyond separation.

United Technologies, parent company to Carrier, announced in June 2017 that over the next three years it expects to hire nearly 25,000 people in the U.S., of which more than 5,000 new positions will be created in support of the company’s innovative new products.