Carrier Statement on Meetings with Indiana Senators


Carrier today met with Indiana Senators Dan Coats and Joe Donnelly in separate meetings to discuss its intent to relocate its manufacturing operations, as well as how best to support its employees throughout the transition.

Discussions covered the factors that went into Carrier’s plan, including the steady migration of the company's competitors and suppliers to Mexico, as well as ongoing cost and pricing pressures driven in part by evolving regulatory requirements.

Relocating manufacturing operations is the best way Carrier can remain competitive for the long-term. Even after this transition, Carrier will have more than 6,000 U.S. employees, including 400 headquarters, engineering and marketing jobs that will stay in Indiana.

The company reaffirmed that it has not received and will not claim the $5.1 million federal tax credit, that it plans to repay state training grants and that it intends to work directly with state and local agencies on repayment of tax incentives.

Carrier looks forward to continuing discussions with the United Steelworkers and to reaching an agreement that helps provide certainty and security for its Indianapolis employees. UTEC previously reached agreement with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers that will provide assistance and support to employees throughout the transition.

Carrier appreciates the Senators’ time and will continue to communicate about ways to support employees throughout the transition.