Carrier: Productive Discussion with Indiana Governor Regarding Support for Employees During Transition


Carrier today met with Governor Pence, members of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation and others to discuss the wide range of factors that informed its difficult decision to relocate manufacturing operations, as well as ways to best support its employees throughout the transition.

The productive meeting touched on the continued migration of Carrier’s suppliers and competitors to Mexico, as well as ongoing cost and pricing pressures driven, in part, by evolving regulatory requirements and standards. The company also reaffirmed its intention to work directly with the appropriate state and local agencies to reach a resolution on repayment of tax incentives.

Carrier noted that the decision is not a reflection on the positive business environment in Indiana. The company is keeping 400 headquarters, engineering and marketing jobs in the area, and also continues supporting its distributors and contractors who employ thousands of people across the state.

Carrier will continue to focus on constructive discussions with the state of Indiana, as well as with the United Steelworkers to help provide security and certainty for the company’s Indianapolis employees throughout the transition.