Single-Packaged Rooftop Units
Puron® (R-410A) Refrigerant
50EN - Cooling
50EH - Heat Pump

26.0 to 80.0 Nominal Tons

  • The 50EN/EH cooling units and heat pumps are autonomous air-air units with a compact monoblock, horizontal rooftop design.
  • They are equipped with centrifugal and axial fans, air coils, hermetic scroll compressors and electronic control with microprocessor,
  • Components optimized for the R-410A refrigerant.
  • These units have been designed for the air conditioning of large surface areas used for business or industry.
  • They are quick to install and operate reliably.
  • A vast number of options meet numerous operating demands.
  • All of the units are tested and checked in the factory.