Air Handler
Custom Double-Wall
Indoor, Outdoor Application

600 to 48,500 nominal cfm

Carrier's AiroVision 39HQM Central Station Air Handler Units come with 64 different standard sizes. They combine versatility with economical, dependable performance for heating, cooling, ventilation, and VAV (variable air volume) applications.

The construction of the Carrier air handling units consists of a frame and panels. Profiled 1.0-mm thick casing sides of galvanized and coated steel plates ensure a rigid and lightweight frame. The frame holds a 60-mm dual-skin casing wall with panels, doors, inspection hatches and removable center posts. The casing wall construction comes in several versions of steel plate thicknesses, material types and insulation materials used.

The characteristic of the casing wall construction must be established in accordance with EN 1886, based on measurements carried out on a model box

  • Mechanical strength class D1
  • Casing air leakage class L1
  • Filter by-pass leakage class F7
  • Thermal transmittance class T2
  • Thermal bridging class TB2
  • Acoustics insulation
  • Carrier’s AiroVision® software makes selecting and optimizing the 39HQM air handler easy.
  • Country of origin: Saudi Arabia