AvantAC All-Electric System Passes Critical Customer Test

Oct 6, 2008

San Diego, Calif., United States

Seventy years ago, Carrier Corp. founder Dr. Willis H. Carrier developed the first known air-conditioning application for a bus operated in the 122º F (50º C) heat on the road between Baghdad and Damascus.  Carrier Corp. is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation (NYSE:UTX).

Today, Carrier proved its success once again in providing units that perform well in extremely harsh conditions. With triple-digit summer temperatures, the Las Vegas heat can be uncomfortable – even dangerous – for the city’s residents and multitude of visitors alike.  Carrier has the answer to help keep Las Vegas bus passengers cool and protected all year round. The AvantAC™ All-Electric Bus Air-Conditioning System – fitted to the new Wright Group Streetcar Rapid Transit Vehicle (RTV) and equipped with the latest technologies in diesel hybrid-electric drive systems from ISE Corporation – will soon begin operating in Las Vegas. 

The air-conditioning system fitted to these Streetcar RTV’s has to meet demanding customer specifications. And one of the more demanding tests is the benchmark “Houston Pull-Down,” which requires both the interior and ambient temperatures to be raised and held at 110º F (43º C) for 30 minutes. To pass this test, the air-conditioning system is required to “pull down” the temperature inside the bus to a minimum of 70º F (+/- 3 º F) within 30 minutes while maintaining the 110º F ambient.

In a test conducted for the Wright Group last March at the Millbrook (UK) Test Lab, Carrier fitted a 56 kilowatt nominal capacity AvantAC air-conditioning system to the Streetcar RTV.  The AvantAC system exceeded all expectations when it passed the test in only 18 minutes, and continued to pull interior temperatures down to as low as 64º F (18º C) in average ambient conditions of 113.3º F!

"In setting the standard of design for the most advanced hybrid Bus Rapid Transit vehicle in the world, we have been very particular in choosing our partners,” said Jonathan Poynton, business development director, The Wright Group.  “Carrier has delivered to both Wright Group and the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) an air-conditioning solution which greatly contributes to a comfortable passenger experience for one of the most demanding environments in the world."

The Wright Group Streetcar RTV, powered by the ISE ThunderVolt® drive system, is the first of 50 vehicles built of its kind in Northern Ireland for the RTC’s newly designed “ACE” Rapid Transit network.  All 50 RTV’s are expected to be in operation by the end of 2009.  

With sweltering ambient temperatures ranging upwards of 108º F (40o C) and the long service times (18-20 hours per day, seven days per week) under which the ISE-powered, 60-foot articulated diesel hybrid-electric drive Streetcar RTV will operate in Las Vegas, the AvantAC system will be put to the ultimate test. But it is a challenge the AvantAC system is well prepared for, with superior features including proven all-electric technology, comfort throughout every zone, exceptional performance, and built-in reliability.

“As a leader in hybrid-electric drive systems, ISE is excited to be an integral part of such a groundbreaking project,” said Gary Willms, vice president of business development, ISE Corporation. “Equipped with Carrier’s leading air-conditioning solution and powered by ISE’s next generation drive system, the Wright Group StreetCar RTVs will provide a powerful and green addition to RTC’s fleet.”

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