• Carrier ductless systems


    Where comfort meets flexibility
    Carrier® ductless systems work beautifully where traditional HVAC installations don’t. Discover how, why, when and where a ductless system from Carrier is the perfect solution.


Carrier ductless systems give you the freedom to make the best of your living or working space by offering the personal comfort of a central air system along with the convenient zonal control of a window unit. The flexible product options can be dedicated to a single room or throughout an entire space. 

Ductless systems are often used to heat or cool converted spaces lacking ductwork or to take care of hot or cold spots. They can also be used in temperature-sensitive rooms where storage or data needs to be protected. These high-efficiency systems can even help you save money by keeping your most-used spaces more comfortable, potentially allowing you to spend less on heating and cooling the rest of your space – ducted or not. 

Ductless SystemCarrier’s leadership in heating and cooling technology has combined with Toshiba’s ingenuity in high-efficiency variable-speed inverter technology to create the best ductless systems Carrier has ever offered. High-efficiency Toshiba Carrier “high-wall systems” use inverter technology to consistently deliver precision heating and cooling while using only the energy that is needed at any given time. There’s no blasting of hot or cold air. 

Ductless SystemAnd with cooling efficiencies as high as 23 SEER, Toshiba Carrier ductless systems offer some of the most energy-efficient ways to cool a space. If you are looking for comfort, quiet and efficiency, then the Toshiba Carrier ductless system is for you. 

Ductless SystemYour Carrier expert can help determine the best system for your situation and can have it installed within a few hours. High wall-mounted system installations require only a small hole through the wall to connect pipe from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. Then it just takes an electrical connection outside and a few screws to mount the unit to the wall, and the installation is complete.