Air-Cooled Liquid Chiller with R-134a Refrigerant

140 to 325 Nominal Tons

AquaForce® 30XV chillers are designed for tomorrow and fit for today. By utilizing a tiered approach, the 30XV can be customized to fit almost any building need, anywhere. With value-adding features such as variable-speed rotary screw compressors, quiet AeroAcoustic™ fan system with VFDs, and microchannel condenser coil technology, this machine is made for versatility and robustness, all while achieving an efficiency that sets a new industry standard.

Air cooled chillers within the scope of the ACCL certification program are certified in accordance with the AHRI Air-Cooled Water-Chilling Packages Certification Program, which is based on AHRI Standard 550/590 (I-P) and AHRI Standard 551/591 (SI). Certified units may be found in the AHRI Directory at

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AquaForce 30XV named 'Finalist' in Product Competition

30XV named 'FINALIST' in CSE product competition

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Carrier 30XV Video

AquaForce® 30XV Air-Cooled Screw Chiller

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