NORESCO to Implement $7 Million in Energy Upgrades at Fort Worth Naval Air Station

April 9, 2010

WESTBOROUGH, Mass., United States

NORESCO, a national leader in energy efficiency and energy infrastructure solutions, will partner with Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Southeast to implement an energy savings performance contract (ESPC) at the Naval Air Station (NAS) Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base (JRB). The project includes more than $7 million in facility infrastructure upgrades and affects more than 20 base facilities. NORESCO is a subsidiary of Carrier Corp., which is a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE:UTX).

The energy infrastructure upgrades to be installed by NORESCO will pay for themselves through more than $14 million in reduced energy, electric demand and operational costs over the 15-year project term. Upon completion of construction, facilities upgraded by the project are expected to consume 34 percent less energy.

The project is also expected to significantly reduce the emission of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide) and environmental pollutants (nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides). Carbon dioxide emissions are projected to decline by 4,100 metric tons each year, equivalent to removing approximately 800 cars from the road annually.

Captain Tracy D. (T.D.) Smyers, commanding officer, NAS Fort Worth JRB, stated, "NAS Fort Worth is looking to make significant strides in reducing both energy costs and our carbon footprint; this project is an exciting step in that direction. It also aligns us with the Navy's energy strategy and furthers environmental stewardship with our Fort Worth family. We like win-win situations, and this is one in which we're modeling environmental responsibility while saving money at the same time.”

The NORESCO ESPC will help the base manage the challenges associated with high temperature and humidity during the summer and make significant progress toward aggressive energy reduction goals set forth in the Energy Policy Acts of 2005, the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 and Executive Order 13423. In addition to energy cost savings, the infrastructure upgrades to be installed by NORESCO will improve equipment performance, reliability, aesthetics and working conditions. Upgrades will be made to equipment and controls used for heating, ventilation and air conditioning and lighting. Specialized capacitor banks will be installed to improve the base’s power distribution system and avoid penalties by the local utility. A 10-kW solar photovoltaic array will power lighting circuits and demonstrate the base’s commitment to renewable energy.

“This project will provide substantial energy and cost savings to the government while reducing consumption of fossil fuels and establishing the base as an environmentally- conscious partner to the local community,” stated Neil Petchers, president and chief executive officer, NORESCO. “It is a privilege to bring NORESCO’s 25 years of experience in providing energy saving solutions to the U.S. Navy in order to improve their energy efficiency and contribute to the mission-readiness of our service men and women.”

About Carrier Corp.
Carrier Corp., headquartered in Farmington, Conn., is the world’s largest provider of heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions, with operations in more than 170 countries. Carrier is part of United Technologies Corp., a Hartford, Connecticut-based provider of products and services to the aerospace and building systems industries worldwide.

As one of the most successful federal ESPC contractors on record, NORESCO specializes in the development, design, construction, financing, and operation of energy and environmental efficiency projects, performance contracting and central energy plants. In addition to various U.S. government agencies, NORESCO clients include public housing authorities, school districts, universities, state and local governments, and industrial and commercial businesses. NORESCO has implemented more than $2.5 billion in energy savings at more than 2,000 sites throughout the U.S. and abroad. NORESCO is a subsidiary of Carrier Corp.

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