Carrier Introduces CENTURION® Rooftop "PD" Series

April 18, 2008

SYRACUSE, N.Y., United States

Carrier Corp., a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE:UTX), is launching the new CENTURION rooftop "PD" series. Based on its award-winning CENTURION® rooftop product line with environmentally sound Puron® refrigerant, the PD series provides single-zone, variable-cooling capacity and fan speed control in one, single-package rooftop.

The new CENTURION rooftops have ENERGY STAR®-certified efficiencies with up to 15.0 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) and achieve design criteria outlined in ASHRAE 55, "Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy", and ANSI S12.60, "Acoustic Standard." The new series also supports LEED® certification.

CENTURION "PD" series rooftops use variable-capacity scroll compressors and variable-speed indoor fan systems. They are controlled by Carrier ComfortLink™ controls that monitor and control the units’ operations to help modulate the four- and five-ton units to as low as 1.5 tons of cooling to meet varying zone loads.

"The new PD series addresses our customers’ need for lower operational costs with higher comfort control and lower sound levels, particularly in single zone applications," said Ted Cherubin, marketing manager, Carrier Commercial Unitary Systems. "Many school projects use constant volume package rooftops and they do very well, but sometimes with varying internal loads and ventilation requirements, short-cycling can occur causing discomfort for the building occupants. The new CENTURION rooftop series addresses this short-cycling."

Paul Holsinger, product manager, Carrier Commercial Unitary Systems Controls, said, "Carrier’s intelligent ComfortLink controls work the speed of both the variable compressor and fan to maintain supply air at 55º F,Similarly, if the supply air needs to be maintained at 65º F, the controls work in the same manner."

The new PD series make maintenance easy with tilt-out economizers and items that slide-out, including condensate pans, four-inch filter racks and blower motor assemblies. "And, like the full CENTURION rooftop product line, it provides cooling operation for up to 125º F (52º C)," added Cherubin.

"Additionally, the unit’s innovative and energy-efficient design supports LEED certification," stated Chris Nelson, vice president and general manager, Carrier Commercial Unitary Systems. "We conducted field trials over a three-year period are very excited with their overall performance, comfort and operation," Nelson added.

"With the success of the trial units, as well as the benefits of the units for LEED certification and overall comfort, I am pleased to officially introduce the new CENTURION rooftop PD series to all of our customers," Nelson concluded.

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